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    i found that your theme is available free download in the website below,

    what is going on ? is that the theme is free download?

    (Edit by The Dude – removed link to illegal download source)


    The link you posted goes to mediafire – a file sharing hoster which is used to distribute copyright protected files for free. Sadly many people steal Kriesis work and distribute his files for free. It’s the same thing like downloading music or movies for free – yes you can but it’s like stealing money from someone. Kriesi works hard and invests money and hours of work to satisfiy his customers – so I think he deserves the money he gains from TF. I removed the link because of obvious reasons.

    PS: This is also the reason why Kriesi introduced the forum registration/verification system:

    And why all the hassle with registration and verification?

    Unfortunatley there are quite a lot people that rip my stuff and then try to get support. Since I am not Sony or Universal who make billions to fight those people, I have choosen to simply ignore them.

    The Dude


    yes, agree with Dude

    we should appreciate their contribute.

    coding is not a easy thing, it need time and keep working on it.



    Thanks for pointing this out.

    Often you find that Premium themes are modified to include malicious code and are offered as a free download. The end user often finds themselves hacked or all their data deleted. If they have no backup it could be a major headache. For the sake of $40 it’s not worth it IMO.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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