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    1. Is there any way to change my forum password. Because the auto password created by the forum is impossible to remember.

    2. I am suing cloud password services like lastpass. Having two “Username” at a single login page (forum login) confuses the lastpass and possibly other services like onelogin. Would it be possible to rename one of the forum login page Username to something else? or use different page and/or pop-out for password recovery.

    Thank you



    1.) To change your password, go here.

    2.) I am not sure if understand the inquiry. Let me tag the rest of the support team to help you out.





    2) Afaik this is not possible because the username MUST match the themeforest/envato username – otherwise the verification process (license key) doesn’t work.

    Best regards,



    Hi there, really dumb question I’m afraid, but I can’t work out how to start my own thread in the support forum once I have logged in…



    Just go to a subforum (please choose the right one based on the theme you purchased) and click on the “Create a new thread” button at the bottom of the page (near the pagination).





    where do I find a sub forum. I am logged into the support page which has the title “Forums” with all the themes listed there (mine is propulsion).

    Sorry to be such a dunce!



    Go to and scroll to the bottom. There you’ll find the “Create new thread” button.




    many thanks!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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