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    I’m using incarnation theme, & for some reason on the forums page, there is no ‘Forum Login’ section to register users, in the sidebar, like there is on the theme demo.

    It even says ‘you must be logged in’ to make a topic yet there is no place to login.

    Also the grunge backgrounds are missing – I saw this on another thread but the solutions looked specific to that person so am wondering if these 2 issues may be related?

    (Note: I originally did have several erros/issues downloading & uploading the files and bbpress plugin but now they seem to be resolved except that not everything is working!)

    Also, is it straightforward to make it that users need to be signed in to see various other aspects of the site or to hear sermons etc? What is the best way for me to go about this?

    Once we get it to work, where do manage these registered users from the forum?



    Oh a link to the site is



    Hi rickah27,

    You’ll need to use the bbPress shortcodes to put that in your sidebar. Just add the ones you’d like into a text widget:

    [bbp-login] – Display the login screen.
    [bbp-register] – Display the register screen.
    [bbp-lost-pass] – Display the lost password screen.

    Reference: . All bbPress questions can also be found in the documentation here:

    For the grunge question, try re-downloading the theme from your downloads from Themeforest and then uploading via FTP. See this video for a how-to:




    Thank you

    I managed to add the log in and made a register and lost password page but it only allows me as the ‘admin’ to log in – if you want to register a new user, it goes to wordpress login screen and says ‘user registration is currently not allowed’ – please help! Can it also be that the admin needs to approve the new user? I’m quite new to the whole process of members/signing in….

    (You may see what I mean at


    For the grunge q, if I redownload the theme, won’t I lose all my changes/settings? (I have no sound right now so maybe the video link explained that…)



    In your WordPress settings you may need to turn on ‘allow anyone to register’. I believe its in general settings and looks like:

    Membership [ ] Anyone can register

    Re-installing your theme files like in the video does not lose any theme settings. It only overwrites your theme files.


    Thanks. Ok so now when you click Register and got to that page, type a username/email, it works but why is it via ‘WordPress’??? That looks really bad – can’t it stay on my site?? Also the email is from ‘WordPress’

    I fear that this will also enable anyone to log in to the wordpress panel…

    i thought that this theme enabled me to easily create a simple forum without having to get into the ins/outs of the coding – I just want users to be able to register then create topics/post on a forum through the website – is that too much to ask? :)

    thanks for your patience!


    That is just how bbPress works. The theme styles bbPress but we don’t actually code it or support custom coding within it.

    For the ins and outs of bbPress you need to refer to the documentation here:


    Ok thanks for that. I had to do lots of searching around bbpress to get what i needed – i guess it’s all in the name of experience!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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