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    Hello… this is my first post, and I’m loving the theme!

    When I include a ‘Single Post from Category’ or a ‘Single Page’ using a dropdown in the Template Builder, the format of the text is all centred in the column. Ideally, I’d really like it to look exactly the same as the formatting for when I select ‘Latest Blog Entries’.

    You see, I’ve got a few different categories of posts, and I want to display the latest post from different categories on the front page.

    Is it possible to change the format of the way the text is displayed for the ‘Single Post from Category’ or ‘Single Page’ setting in Theme Builder?

    Many thanks!


    Hi jodiemcneill,

    Can you post a link to your site? so we can inspect further.




    Hi Ismael,

    Here’s the site (under development):

    See the section bottom right under the heading “News Headlines”

    I’ve also been trying to use RSS feeds to bring in content from my own site, but it often gives a time out error. So, if we can get the formatting of inserting posts by category and also pages right, then I can do that directly without using RSS feeds of the page’s own content.





    Sorry for the delay. You just pasting the news from somewhere manually i assume?

    Please add this to quick css or to /css/custom.css file. Quick css is in Incarnations > Theme Options > Styles .. bottom of page.

    #top .dynamic_template_columns .entry-content {
    text-align: left;

    There are all kinds of plugins that deal with auto rss importing. You can try this free one

    Also when you enter content you should try to avoid using tags <p> <h3> without giving them classes. For example in your news columns make sure that all the titles are <h3 class=”news-title”> and all paragraphs are <p class=”news-summary”> . This way if you need to style them or move them around you can do that easily with just some css. You are using the … <strong< …html tag incorrectly as it should be used as a css style for the header and not as an html tag. Here is a 1 paragraph summary of when to use … <strong … tag




    Thanks so much, Nick, for your help.

    So, if I want to make further adjustments to the size/style/alignment of the text on that front page, then I can make all those general changes in that same section of the CSS, in the line just after where you put the text-align: left; statement, is that right?

    And, according to your statement about making styles of paragraphs of a certain class, then I can just change the style in the CSS as well, is that right? Sorry, newbie question!

    Thanks also for your other comments re: <strong>. I’ll keep that in mind as I work out how to use CSS.

    Thanks again!



    Yes, you can always modify the theme on Quick CSS box or custom.css.



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