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    Let me try this again. You can see “Problem with Ship to not working with Newscast” for more details and the locking of a question that was valid with no opportunity for a conversation and a solution. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -working-with-newscast?message= (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -error

    A form, a radial button that brings up the ability to enter a separate ship to address does not function with Newscast. It does work in the WP standard themes. It does work in other authors premium themes. It does work in Choices.

    It does not work in Newscast.

    Why would that be?

    The vendor that provided the form indicates it is a css issue with Newscast but can not find the problem.

    Again it does not work in Newscast, it works in every other theme we have tried.

    On this site with Newscast, we set up student membership with a ship to requirement. If you de select the radial button an address does not come up. Only when Newscast is turned on, turn on another theme it works fine. Select student, and checkout to see that selecting it has no affect.

    This site has a different theme installed. The same radial button and form. It works fine. Install Newscast it does not work.

    This site has Choices installed. The same radial button and form. It works fine. Install Newcast it does not work.


    Hi SteveYoung,

    We do not provide support or compatibility fixes for third party plugins. The plugin in questions, Cart66 has a conflict with the theme but it is not under what we can provide to fix that. We can’t change their code as we do not control it.

    In this instance, it seems that the plugin is supposed to display the ID #shippingAddress by default and when the check box is selected it should hide it. What is happening however is that the ID is defaulting on page to load display:hidden.

    So the issue is that there is a javascript conflict with the plugin and Newscast. Without digging in to that plugin I can’t tell you what that might be and I really don’t know anything about it having never used it.

    We simply can’t guarantee that every plugin will work with everything theme which is why I really am only left with referring to cart66 support on this issue.




    I thought this was closed like my last question on this same issue. So glad to see it still open! I did select “not resolved” when I last left, your system may reopen it when that is done.

    As is our practice we like to come back and report the solution since likely other users will be running in to the problem.

    First let me say THIS WAS A NEWSCAST PROBLEM, excuse me for screaming but I have been working on it for months. I have asked for assistance here at least 3 times. Each time the topic has been closed so I can not continue the conversation. With staff or with other users to find a solution.

    The theme file fullwidth.php was missing get_footer(); so the footer and all the things it needs to do was never being called. We use fullwidth.php on our checkout page to keep the sidebar from displaying. This keeps us from having https errors on this secure page.

    Adding the get footer code to the end of the fullwidth.php file solves the problem of the form not displaying the ship to address. We of course do not see this problem in other pages with forms because the page.php file has get_footer(); in it.

    <br />
    <?php<br />
    get_sidebar();<br />
    get_footer();<br />
    ?><br />

    The end of the file should look as it does above to work correctly for those that may have this problem.

    Newscast Errors

    First let me say we are a fan of Newscast, it is just what we were looking for and support has been reasonable most of the time.

    However, the page load time is slow compared to other themes we use. Seconds, as long as 4-5 as compared to less than half a second on much busier websites of ours with other themes. We have read in the forum here analysis that it is a “dirty” theme.

    The Cart66 people indicated the following to me when they helped to solve the problem.

    “Basically this theme is not very well designed. There are hundreds maybe even thousands of undefined indexes here. The biggest issue is that the footer was not even included in the template for this site.”

    They were right, it was left out. I checked on Theme Forest and Kresi has sold between 1M and 2M$ there. That alone would tell me the Cart66 comment was wrong, if it were not for what we found here on this problem.

    If the theme needs to be retired, and it looks like it will need to be for us that is fine. We got more than our moneys worth out of it. We are testing Choices, but don’t know enough to analyze it and know it is a good theme that will not have these issues. I would not mind reassurance from Kresi and the team, “yes that is a good move, change over (upgrade) to choices.”

    We have already bought it, it’s not about the money it’s about the time.

    I look forward in continuing to ask questions, to provide solutions when I can and participate in a community with a great product.


    Hi SteveYoung,

    I just checked with the file I get from Kriesi and the template_fullwidth.php does in fact include get_footer at the end of it. Not sure what happened that your file was/is different but I’m glad you were able to figure out a solution.

    The end of mine actually looks like:



    This is with version 2.0.3 which I believe was last updated at the end of 2011 and is the package available on Themeforest.

    As for Choices, it is a significantly different theme. The framework, the ability to customize and the general configuration is much different. It gives a lot more easy front end design choices but the theme files are a good step up in base complication.




    Thank you Devin,

    I did think it may have been something we did wrong at some point and went back to our earliest backup. It did not have the footer call in it.

    Thanks too for the input on choices. We only have a few hours into it customizing, that part works good, it’s the quality SEO and performance I am concerned about.

    The Ecommerce site we use this on is growing, we need to be sure all that works right.


    Devin or another staff member, I need some urgent help.

    We upgraded the Cart66 we added the call for the footer. Now we are having a problem with the page not being secure. This is because of the items that are called in the footer, they are not on the secure side.

    How can we turn off the footer in a way that is appropriate?


    I am going to close this and ask somewhere else, this is not as related to the issue. I will use a keyword “Remove Widgets” so once we find a solution it will be available to others.

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