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    Hi the form title only says “Send us mail” i need to change the language to spanish, i see no place on the panel to change this, how can i do that?

    also need to change the send button caption.


    You can translate these text strings by using the po/mo files. The default.po file can be found in the coherencelang folder. You can edit it with tools like: – afterwards save the translation as es_ES.po and and upload these files into the coherencelang folder.


    I’m using the WPML plugin, which this theme’s description says it supports. Can you tell me how to translate the “Send us mail” and “Send” text using WPML?


    I’d use the po/mo files which come with the theme (they’re located in the coherence/lang/ ) folder. Translate the po file with i.e. Poedit and upload the resulting po/mo files into the coherence/lang/ folder again. WPML will load the right file based on the selected language.


    Perfect. Thanks. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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