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    I have a slider on Each time the picture changes, the height of the page changes, and everything below it changes and the location of the bottom of the page changes. It is a bit annoying, especially since the two pictures are the same dimensions (if I’m not mistaken). I created a div for my shopping cart buttons to keep them anchored, but I want to know how to solve this:

    1. to make the slider not change size, and/or

    2. how to anchor new things that I will put on the page in the future

    It seems like the .content_slider changes from style=”296px” to “290px” as it cycles



    Hey InterdisciplinaryInnovation,

    Just looking at your site now (that you have link to your profile here) I’m not seeing the issue you described. Are you still have the same troubles?




    I made a work around, and I just positioned the stuff below the picture in divs that are positioned with an absolute position, then I specified the length of the bottom of the page so that it wouldn’t change as the picture height changed.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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