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    How can I get rid of the default widgets that appear in the footer columns?

    In the appearance>widgets section none are shown to be activated yet they still show. I want to add my own and do not want the default dummy ones to appear.

    I have found where to disable the sidebar default widgets in the theme settings, but not for the footer columns.




    open footer.php and remove line 10-34 Thats it ;)



    That takes the ability to have NO widgets in the footer. I want widgets, just not the default ones that automatically show up. I deleted lines 10-34 and now I can not add any widgets period.

    I want widgets in the footer, just not the ones you are automatically populating the footer with. I want to choose my own.

    Please help.



    ah, sorry just didnt get it right. just add your own widgets to the footer widget area and the default ones should disapear :)


    To make them disappear I have to add new widgets in all 4 columns. I only want widgets in certain columns. If I want a widget in just column 4, I add it to column four but your default dummy widgets show in 1-3. I do not want them showing. Or maybe I want widgets in just column 1 and 4 and I add them. Your dummy widgets keep showing in columns 2-3. I want to be able to add the widgets I want and not have any of your default widgets show.



    The statement for the dummy widgets is in the footer.php.

    Open that file and go to line 24 and see –

    else : dummy_widget($columns); endif; // dummy widgets defined at the bottom of widgets.php

    I’m no php dude but I removed the “else : dummy_widget($columns);” part and it worked fine and only showed the widgets I had selected. Hope that helps.

    But that does ‘squash’ the columns…column 1 and 3 would be right next to each other, that may not be what you want.


    Mishuno – The simplest option is to just take a “text” widget, put it in the footer widget area where you don’t want anything…and then simply don’t put anything into that text widget. :)


    Kriesi, I also wanted to remove the footer columns, so I followed your suggestion to remove lines 10-34 of the footer.php file. It worked, but apparently has an odd side effect. As you can see on the home page at http://www.bukowskicustomhomes.com, the footer appears normal. But if you drill down under the About Us link or any of the others, you will see that the footer shifts up on some pages. Any ideas on how to counteract that effect?


    Hey Gerard,

    How did you get your logo to move out of the header area and float above the slider?


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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