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    I read this elsewhere in the forum about how to remove the middle footer widget and I followed Kriesi’s advice by removing lines 10-34 of the footer.php file. It worked of course, but introduced an odd side effect. If you look at the site I’m creating with the theme here at, the footer appears normal on the home page, but if you go to any of the links pages where the pages have less content than the others, you will see that the footer shifts upwards on those pages. Any ideas on how to counteract this effect?

    Forgive me for posting this again, but I noticed on the original thread that it was marked as solved, and was afraid you would probably overlook my added request if it was posted only on that thread.


    Please remove following code from style.css:


    The Dude


    Dude, thank you! That fixed the positioning. One last question if I may, do you know how to prevent it from changing color? It follows the user-defineable color on the home page, but then acts as a grey semi-transparent png on the other pages. Is that by design?


    Just delete following code in style1.css:

    background: transparent url("../images/skin1/overlay.png") top left repeat-x;

    The Dude


    Thanks Dude! I very much appreciate your help. You can mark this one as answered!


    Glad that I solved your problems.

    The Dude

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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