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    All of a sudden the box for the footer has shrunk and doesn’t fit to the width of the boxed page.How do I fix this? This happened after I took the social icons off. Please take a look at

    user: dude

    pw: helpdude


    I also noticed that 2 boxes appear in IE8!


    In footer.php replace:

    <!--end wrapper -->


    <!--end wrapper -->

    I think you deleted a div closing tag by mistake…


    This is the footer.php as it is right now.

    <?php global $k_option; ?>

    <div class=”clearboth”></div>

    <!– end center–>


    <!–end wrapper–>


    <div class=”wrapper footer ie6fix” id=’wrapper_footer_top’>

    <div class=’overlay_top ie6fix’></div>

    <div class=’center’ id=”footer_inside”>


    $columns = 1;

    foreach ($k_option as $footer_widget) //iterates 3 times creating 3 footer widget areas


    $last = “”;

    if($columns == 3){$last = “last”; }

    echo ‘<div class=”footerColumn ‘.$footer_widget.’ ‘.$last.'”>’;

    if (function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) && dynamic_sidebar(‘Footer – ‘.$footer_widget) ) :

    else : dummy_widget($columns); endif; // dummy widgets defined at the bottom of widgets.php

    echo ‘</div>’;




    <!–end footer_inside–>



    <div class=”wrapper footer ie6fix” id=’wrapper_footer_bottom’>

    <div id=”footer_outside”>

    <span class=”copyright”>

    © Copyright 2011‘><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>

    Design by Spaces For Living



    <!–end footer_outside–>


    <!–end wrapper –>


    <!–end wrapp_all –>


    <?php wp_footer();


    echo $k_option;





    Yeah – I think a div closing tag is missing somewhere. You can check your page with w3c validator – it will give you several html syntax errors. You can also compare your modified file with the original one by using a editor like notepad++ to find the differences…


    I returned the footer.php to the original version and it is still doing the same thing. Could there be some other reason this is happening?



    It really looks like a div syntax error. The footer div is closed by another div tag (not the intended one) which causes the smaller size of the footer “bottom” area… Maybe you forgot a div closing tag in the footer text widgets?


    Yes! It was in one of the widgets code. Thanks!!


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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