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    I am trying to align a heading in my footer to the left. The HTML structure is in place and the CSS is referencing the right class but nothing is happening.

    The structure:

    <h3 class=”widettitle”>Article Contributors </h3>

    The CSS:

    #footer h3 .widgettitle{

    margin: 0px;

    padding: 0px;


    Also, when I moved my table of images to the right the edge got cut off. I could not find what was controlling the right hand side of the center box so that I could decrease its width.

    Thanks Dude!!

    Here is my website address:



    I’m not sure how you want to align your widget titles, you can select left / center / right – which would you like?

    Regarding the tables, the element has padding to the left added – fixing the layout is simply a case of adding this code to style.css:

    .widget table {
    padding-left: none !important;

    Hope this helps!



    The title needs to be moved to the right by about 20px.

    Also, the code above did not work with the intended results. The table does shift to the right however the problem is not the table itself – the problem is that the column that holds any object in that middle area on the footer is not wide enough. I have placed the table where I want it and now I would like to widen the area so that the edge of the table is not cut off.


    Also – I don’t want to align all of the titles, only the one about the table. I want it to be left justified. Thanks!



    add following to style.css (at the very bottom):

    width: 300px !important;



    Great thanks!


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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