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    Can you help me verify that I’ve got the correct original Cubit code for the footer? Even when it was the stock footer, it rendered oddly in IE; would never align correctly for me. But as I added a table with an image and some links, it moved over to the right side of main page, making a long horizontal scrolling page. In Mozilla and Chrome, no problems.

    I have been trying to modify the footer this week, without much success. When I realized it was having bigger problems in IE than just alignment, I decided to revert back to the original stock footer, with simply the Company info and copyright. But it is still showing up, pushed to the right side of the screen in IE. (God, I hate IE).

    When I retrieved the footer file from my original download, it looks different than what I remember modifying. Hope this back tick thing works:

    <?php global $kriesi_options;?>
    </div><!-- end main-->
    <div id="footer">

    © Copyright 2011 <a href="http://www.examplecom/">Example Dot Com </a>All Rights Reserved.
    </div><!-- end top-->
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>
    <?php echo $kriesi_options['google_analaytics']; ?>

    I’m just pasting in from my edited footer now to save time, but that’s pretty much it. Not much to it. I don’t have google analytics in use yet, and I don’t remember ever seeing that in the footer. or the kreisi options thing. Either way, with or without it , the footer is stuck to the far right.

    I thought I noticed a lot of other posts in the last few days, about weird things showing up in footers. Do you think it’s an exploit from a plugin? Ive tried disabling, each plugin, one by one. Nothing made a difference.


    Also: regarding the footer… There was a post in the Cubit theme where someone was asking how to make changes to the footer – the reply gave suggested (I think) css modifications. Which I followed along with and applied to my site. Then, later down the thread, the OP, said “Oh sorry, I posted in the wrong section, I’m not using Cubit I’m using theme X.

    I didn’t think the modifications had any effect at all on my site, I just left it as is. Now I’m wondering if that is what is causing this IE behavior. But I can’t find the thread … in order to backtrack!

    And idea what that post was?



    could you link to your site with the theme activated? This way I can give you specific instructions on how to fix your problem.

    I couldn’t find the thread you’re looking for.

    To ensure you’re running a correct version of the theme I suggest you download the version on Themeforest again and reinstall it. Chances are big some things are corrupted with all that editing.


    I came to this same conclusion, after I posted my orig message. That I should download a fresh copy of the theme. And compare it to what I’m working with. I looked for a “delete post option” , but didn’t see one here.

    I just discovered Aptana Studio has a feature called “Quick Dif” which might be helpful. “Quick Diff feature highlights the line numbers for all lines of code that have had changes made since your last save, which should help you track your changes as you code.”

    Sorry to bother you. I thought it might have been something many people were experiencing, all right now.


    Glad you figured it out :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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