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    I’d like to add privacy policy and disclaimers in the footer but so far I had no luck. I tried to see in the tutorials but couldn’t find anything related.
    I have replete 1.4.1 and I would like to add links in the footer columns.

    Thanks in advance


    Hello magna6661!

    1) Please go to Appearance > Menus and click on “Create a new menu”

    2) Add your pages to menu, check “Replete socket menu” and Save Menu



    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks for your quick response. I created the menu but unfortunately i still haven’t quite made a grip on how to place it in the footer.
    Can you please drive me step by step just after the menu creation?

    Thanks again for your time.



    Have you created privacy policy and disclaimers pages? If not, firstly please create them.
    Then, go to Appearance > Menus and select footer menu on top. Then find privacy policy and disclaimers pages in “Pages” and “Add to menu”. Then check only “Replete Socket Menu” and click on Save Menu



    Thanks Yigit, that worked like a charm.

    I was wondering tho how can I also add links to the big section above the footer, the one that contains the columns, as I can see a lot of links if I choose 3 or 4 columns, but nothing to modify their contents in the control panel.

    Thanks again for your help and time.



    You should go to Appearance > Widgets and add desired widgets to Footer Columns



    Thanks Yigit.



    You are welcome, glad we could help :) Let us know if you have any other questions or issues


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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