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    Hi does anybody know if there is a glitch with the two thumbs displayed on the bottom here scrollo down to the bottom 2 thumbs (jewellery + fashion clothing) – is it possible to change those images and add one more so there is 3 going across?? I tried variety of ways but I think it is missing an ‘UPLOAD’ to change the photos so there is no way of changing them.

    2nd on my site bottom footer area the ‘Paypal’ image i uploaded there, where do i go to add or delete that?

    Thanks in advance.



    I need help on this still please….. Thanks


    For the 2nd one -> you can delete/add that in: theme option => footer => logo footer

    For your 1st question I’m not sure but I guess you can change that in the template builder.

    (For both you can get there true dashboard -> abundance)




    Thanks Roy – that worked!

    Anybody for the first question still?


    ? Still waiting for response … Admin support?


    bump for answer —- why is no support admin able to answer this??


    Hi Earlybird80,

    Roy was correct in that you can change those images in your template builder. Select Frontpage and then expand the Columns element which holds that area. Each image is taken from a Post with the Featured Category and only showing the preview image of that post.

    So you can control the image here by creating or changing the posts in your Featured Category.


    Thanks Devin,

    How do i get the content to be displayed like this instead of this right now



    Hi Earlybird80,

    On your Edit Post screen, click on the drop down menu under Post Layout and select “Medium preview image, right sidebar”. Once you’ve done that, add the image to the Add featured media section.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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