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    I have two questions..

    1) Is there way to modify the font size for titles (on Product page, Category page, Shop page etc.), and font size for Skus, as well as the title under “Product Description”?

    2) the right-hand side of the frame of product description is missing…

    I searched the forum and found about 8 pages similar questions of title font size being too big on various pages, but those Quick CSS code marked as the best answer either only solve the issue on that specific page, e.g. product page but not shop page, or shop page but not product page. I remembered when i bought this theme last year, there was no such issue, and still no problem today if i deactivate the plugin woocommerce… when i was reading other people’s questions and looked their sites, these are the common problems.

    Can someone please help?



    please disregard the first question. found a way to get it work :)



    Can you give us a link on the No. 2 problem?





    not a big issue but would be nice if can be fixed :)



    I can’t see the provided image link. Is the website live?




    Can you see if this one works.. http://www.mediafire.com/?vf3o7chifqaizgi

    the site is not live yet.

    also, i tried to search but seems no one has this question before:

    is there any known issue when using product variations or maybe i’m just doing something completely wrong? under product variations, i edited each individual option and uploaded the photo for each SKU, but for some reason, the photos are not being displayed when i choose different options on the product page. Everything else changes (i.e. skus, price, stock etc.) when i pick different options, but the specific photo for each sku is not showing at all. i tried to search this on woocommerce forum but found nothing either.. but i have tried many times and followed the woocommerce user guide step by step just in case i did anything wrong, still no luck.



    Try to adjust the width woocommerce tab.

    #top div.product .woocommerce_tabs {
    width: 400px;

    Adjust the width as you see fit.




    Thanks, but looks like still needs a bit tweak to get it work.


    after i reduced the width, the right-hand frame showed but on the top right corner, you see the right frame is not connected to the tab like the left-hand side does.


    Hi rogenjmsb,

    This was a bug that I know I sent in to Kriesi a while back. Try downloading and applying the most recent updated theme files and see if it gets resolved.

    You can download theme from your downloads on Themeforst and install the same way you first installed the theme.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks, this is good to know. I upgraded the theme to 1.7 today but it seems that this is still not fixed. Not big issue, maybe it could be fixed in the future version.

    I do have the other question that is more urgent: The product image, product sku, are both not being displayed when I choose any specific attribute in the dropdown menu (color, size etc.). However, each of these variable products has their own pictures and skus in the dashboard. When i disabled the Flashlight theme, the woocommerce plugin works just fine. When i reactivate the theme, this feature (variables) is losing some functionality again (no specific image, no assigned sku).

    Can you please help?



    Currently it’s not possible to change the image and/or the sku number based on the variation selection. I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it.

    Best regards,



    I see. Much appreciated :)


    Hey rogenjmsb,

    Can we take a look at your product page? Might be a quick fix we can provide for the issue from your screenshot.



Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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