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    I use the default font that comes with the Eunoia theme. I use the Portfolio page as my home page. Above the portfolio items there is a title. This title is also on all of the other pages on my site. The font of this title has suddenly changed only on the portfolio page. All other pages still have the original font that is used throughout the site. On the portfolio page, the names of each portfolio item have also changed to the same other font that is inconsistent with the rest of the site. When I click on a portfolio item, the name of the portfolio item is in the same incorrect font on the portfolio item page. This font issue happened suddenly and I did not edit the theme or the fonts in any way to make this happen. When I am logged in to wordpress, the font on the portfolio page looks correct. When I am logged out and/or when I view my site on a friend’s computer, the font on the portfolio page is not correct. Recommendations?


    Here is a link to pics of the 2 different ways the portfolio page is appearing:



    We would need to see your site and inspect the differences live. Have you tried going to your styling options and making a small change, saving and then checking things again yet? If not, try that first.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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