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    Really great theme – was love at first sight, but its proving overall very easy to work with – well done!

    I’ve an issue with the rendering of the Google font Questrial on IE and Chrome under Windows (other browser/OS permutations are fine).

    To work around I’ve downloaded Questrial as a TTF, converted to Cufon and attempted to implement for the Heading Font under Theme Options/Styling.

    I followed the instructions here

    and here

    I’ve done everything short of messing direct with the SQL, which I don’t fancy.

    Result is that I can see my “new” font (downloaded Questrial_400) in the Heading Font menu of the backend [since I edited register-admin-options.php within wp-content/themes/angular/includes/admin ] and the cufon converted font file I have uploaded to framework/js/fonts/. But the frontend is defaulting to a different font (looks like Times New Roman)

    I also tried the rename an existing font, but to no avail.

    Any help much appreciated !


    Hi Jonty66,

    Can you provide a link to the site? It might just be a simple css issue that we can give you a quick fix for.




    Hi !

    I’ve emailed you with a link to the site in question



    Hello Jonty66,

    I took a look at the site and I don’t know of any additional fix for the rendering. That is a side effect of using things like cufon and google fonts as they don’t always look perfect at every size. If you increase the size of the heading on your site, it begins to smooth out so I believe you have implemented the new cufon font appropriately so no issue there.

    I’ll ask the other support crew to take a look in case they have some additional information/know-how that might help.




    Thanks v much Devin ! BTW I’m pretty sure it’s not cufon, as that didn’t work, and so I reverted to the default set-up with Google Questrial, which is such a great font, but we need it to look OK on Windows IE & Windows Chrome ! Cheers


    Guys – any further thoughts on this ? You are right, when using the browser to zoom in, the problem is almost entirely gone at 200%. So I guess we are seeing similar things. Questrial is just such a great font, and is the “icing on the cake” for this theme. Would be fantastic if we can find a work-around.


    Hey Jonty66,

    Unfortunately I don’t think there is one. Font rendering is just a finicky issue still and not every font will look perfect under every circumstance.

    You could try adding a 1px dark drop shadow to try and smooth it a bit but this will not work across all browsers and it can be a little too much of a difference that it makes the custom font not really worth it anymore.

    Sorry about that :(




    OK – after all, its not a theme issue, so thanks for trying !

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