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    Hello again!

    This is my test gallery:

    Please, comment the following problems with showing of the photos in the Flexibly Masonry gallery, I have been made one of this for testing. Please, see a few screenshots below:

    The result of speed-testing of my internet connection is here:

    When I open this gallery and scroll down, the new sets of Images are loaded rather slowly. And even more – the full size background gallery doesn’t work automatically. I must push the “next” button every time in below slider’s control.

    The flickr galleries work much more rapidly.

    How is it possible to increase the comfort of looking of the photos in the Flexibly Masonry gallery?

    The next problem is the counter of photos in the lightbox, which is using of the Flexibly Masonry gallery. When the visitors open the light box, they look there only the small number of photos. If they want to look all photos in gallery, they must scroll and scroll down more and more. It is so boring. How is it possible to be avoid of this moment? Is it possible to do this: when a visitors open the lightbox and push the “start” button there, the number of all photos appears there, and they will able to look all photos to the end of the photostream, at the same time with preloading of all images?

    I have already raised this issue before of buying of the Flashlight theme, but I could not imagine how it works slowly. Hope, these are the issues of adjustment of theme only, because the example of the Flexibly Masonry gallery on Themeforest site works reasonably (but there are 40 items, not so much).

    Please, advice a little.



    this is a limitation by design because the masonry gallery loads and requests the resources in the background (via Ajax). This means that (on page load) not all images/resources, etc. are loaded but they’ll load per user request (scrolling down) only. Because the images aren’t loaded they won’t display in the lightbox and or fullscreen slider. I’m not sure if it’s possible to change this behaviour but I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it or to comment this query.


    1. Yes, I see. All images in the masonry gallery are in SQL. Maybe, some PHP-script can get the “numbers of images in array” and put it into lightbox?

    2. Maybe, can advice me some WP-plugin for showing all pictures in masonry gallery like as slideshow in FLICKR? In this case I can put only a few photos for introduce of my work, and if the visitors open the images for looking, the “flickr-frendly” slideshow will starting on my site. I like the Flashlight theme so much, and I would like to find the decision with comfort working of galleries.

    By the way, the CPU usage increases significantly when the images is preloading, and comes back only after I close the IE.



    I have found one of suitable wp-plugin: .Is it suit for the decision?



    I have checked the gallery with help of the other computer. Unfortunately, the slideshow in lightbox works as the same with previous reporting. After the boring scrolling down of the gallery to the end of loading of images I can starting of the slideshow in the lightbox and look at 115 photos there instead of 220. After showing of the 115 photos, I can look on the alert message only: . So, I cannot use this kind of gallery now, unfortunately, because all my photostreams contain 200-400 photos each.

    Just updated of the information…


    Hi, guys! Are you already able to tell me something well on my problem with gallery?

    How I can use it? Now I can not.

    The key question – is it possible for me to be avoid this: with using of the Flaslight theme or not?

    I hope very much for your help.


    Hello again!

    Maybe, it will be interesting for someone else. I have found the case of my problem with gallery. It is the background gallery’s slideshow. When I choose the some value in field of the “gallery autorotation”, the above reported problem will occur. If I choose the “no autorotation” – the lightbox’s gallery works. It means, the slideshow in lightbox conflicts with background slideshow in case of paying together in the same time.

    Good luck!


    Update: the background slideshow now stops before the finishing (the link is here: ). It plays the photos till only 103 (instead of 303) and then stops. I have already tried to start the slideshow after loading of all 303 photos and after playing it in lightbox to the end, but without of the success.

    Also I don’t understand, why the buttons “play” and “pause” are reversed now in control panel?

    Please, some ideas?



    I don’t know.

    Dude notified Kriesi, he’ll look into it and respond once he’s finished the planned work.


    Thank you, I am going to wait the advices in this case. Hope it will not so difficult to find of the reason of such behavior of gallery.


    Hey! I am sorry but I cant think of an easy way to accomplish what you want.

    In any case one would need to write a custom script for the lightbox and somehow add the info to the lightbox which images should be loaded in addition to the ones already on the page. This can be done but will require some heavy customization that should probably be done by an experienced javascript/php freelancer…

    Best regards



    Dear Kriesi, I see, but there is only one part of problem with gallery you explained about. The other part is, as I’ve already written above – the gallery doesn’t work properly with 200-300 images. It works, but works very unstable. I have already checked it with help of 10 computers, maybe. You can check the working of gallery by yourself here – just download all photos and try to watch them in fullscreen mode. The slideshow will stop after 80-150 pcs of photos. I don’t understand – why. And what is the way to obtain well-working photo-engine (something like flickr etc)?

    Maybe, the flashlight gallery’s script pre-uploads photos into the available memory (for browser), and, as the quantity of photos is 200-300 pcs, the memory of browser is not enough for working of the fullscreen slideshow to the end? But it works in the lightbox.

    So, if my problem with masonry gallery is the problem of flashlight theme, the information about such restrictions should be in the description of the theme on themeforest. How the buyers could know – how many photos is possible to upload into the gallery in order to provide of the comfortable viewing of all images in worldwide without of problem? And what is decision in my case? I need the fully functional theme.



    Hi, it’s me again!

    Concerning of the Flexibly Masonry gallery, which still doesn’t work properly with big quantity of images, the question is here: is it possible to place the button “load all images” above of the screen of browser, either under of images or into some other suited places?

    I mean, as we know – when the visitors open the Flexibly Masonry gallery, they can see only the part of images there, even if they open the first image in the lightbox. In case if they like to see all images, they will be able to load remain pictures with help of that additional button “load more” (instead of the repeated scrolling down). The example of such button is here:

    This button can solve my (and not only mine: ) problem with using of the Flexibly Masonry gallery in this theme. Hope, the support team can help with this issue.




    I forwarded your request to Kriesi.


    Thank you, Dude! I’ll be looking for with patience.


    Just informing of the community:

    Actually, after a few new problems were appeared with my Flashlight theme, I needed uninstall the theme together with the wordpress engine (included of the databases too). Then I have installed the WP and the Flashlight theme again, without of all extra installing (Woo-commerce plugin, spam-protection plugin, dummy content, etc). Also I use now the flickr service for full-screen slideshow for showing the large photosets to visitors.

    As the result, I can use the Flashlight theme now (concerning of the gallery section of it) – but with help of Flickr service and with the restrictions of the quantity of uploaded photos for each gallery.

    Best wishes,


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