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    Hey there,

    I implemented the Flattrbutton (by Flattr Plugin) on my articles and sites of my SLEEKTAB THEME and they are shown just fine when I go directly to that site or article by typing in the URL – but when I do some jQuery magic, slide from one article to the other, in the URL there is a # somewhere inbetween and the buttons are gone. If I remove the # by hand then they show up again,

    How can that be fixed?

    People I’m gonna send a link to click and surf on (the site) will see the flattr button and people who navigate through the jQuery magic of the theme wont.

    And also the titles are incorrect when i slip my jQuery from one to another article or page. I still see the title of the first page and not the one i “slipped” too. content changes, title stays.

    Hope you can help me out with the flattrbutton, the other thing is not that important.

    Thank you very much!!!






    Hey, sorry for the delay, this was down to my Internet connection not working :(

    Can you post the site URL?

    What’s the jQuery code you’ve added?




    hey there – i didn’t add any jQuery code?!?! This is the site I am talking about: Look how the URL behaves.


    see post below


    Sorry for spamming – but one thing, which i think is really important:

    Is ist possible to not put this # in the URL when sliding to the right (to the next page). I just checked my site and realized this:

    When I go to my contactsite like this:

    the contactform (contact 7 plugin) in the content area works all fine, but when I slide to the side by jQuere and there is this in the url: (see the x in front of contact?!)

    the nothing works…

    See first comment here the guy has the exact same problem!

    it’s all about the “#” in the URL that is generated (i think) by the jQuery. That messes up plugin (are not visible) and the titles of the urls, as I said in the first place.



    If this is a bug in the theme, it’ll be fixed in the next update :) I can’t see a problem, so could you help me out with an example?

    If however, the theme works without any 3rd party plugins, then it’s something we can’t really help with because we have no control over the code.




    what the? I explained you the #-problem, didn’t I? Oh dear – whatever – gonna deinstall the theme for good and buy a new one with REAL support. thanx for… well… aw forget it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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