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    I have a client who has previously paid for a developer to setup a WordPress site with the Flashlight theme with Woocommerce but has now come to me as he is having a number of problems with it.

    I’m hoping you can help or at least point me in the right direction.

    1. Categories appear to be shared between the portfolios section and WooCommerce but my client is attempting to use them independently in each section. Is this possible are the categories created once and shared throughout the site?

    2. There is a portfolio list on this page: This is a combination of portfolio detail pages and categories, all of the links are to portfolio_entries/xxxxxxxxx – the links work if the item is a portfolio page but don’t if the item is a category. Is this list a standard feature of the theme or is it likely the other developer has introduced some custom code?

    3. My client would like the shop page ( to list categories but it currently only lists individual items – is there a setting to change the default view on this page?

    Many thanks in advance



    Hi Simon,

    Please update the theme, you are using a very old version of Flashlight. You would need to log into under the account you purchased the theme, download and install the update. The WooCommerce plugin will need an update as well. The update completely overwrites all theme files so make sure you make a backup of your current site in order to transfer any customization to the updated theme. We recommend for you to use a child theme structure in order to have hassle free updates.

    I looked at your view source, and you are not correctly installing the Google Analytics. You need to paste the block of code provided by Google and not just the account number. Located in the backend > Flashlight > Theme Options at the bottom of your page. The account number is public information but without the code its of little use.

    1) In WordPress, a custom taxonomy name and slug can be defined only once. Since ‘categories’ is used by both cpt portfolio-items and cpt products, it is shared between the two. You need to create a new taxonomy for the portfolio and call it something else – ‘types’ for example.

    2) Only portfolio items are displayed on the URL you provided, there are no categories. However each url which leads from the portfolio item image can be programmatically overridden to change its destination. Check function.php file or .htaccess file to see which override was used to redirect some of the portfolio items.

    3) I saw customers have categories on that page before, so its probably one of the options. I searched on google for ‘woocommerce list categories on shop page’ and found this answer ”WooCommerce -> Settings’ link from side bar admin menu & select ‘Catalog’ tab & then tick 2 check boxes “Show subcategories on the shop page” & “When showing subcategories, hide product” -> click ‘Save Changes’ button at bottom.”





    Thank you for your help. Having only just picked up the site (it was originally setup by a cut price Indian company) and not used Flashlight before so your guidance is very helpful.





    Sure, anytime. Overall whoever worked on the site before did a fair job , though I just glanced on one page, there were no errors. If you need the code for that taxonomy, let me know, just give me another name to use besides categories for the portfolio. I will close this ticket and if you need something just open another and add my name as a tag.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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