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    the layout on my flashlight pages using woo commerce is total chaos.

    the navigation is in the center, below the content and sidebar somewhere right.

    anyone can help me please?

    thank you


    and one more question:

    is it possible to change the menue style in some kind of “foldable” navigation,

    meaning just see main pages and subpages expandable.

    thanks for a hint!


    nobody can help me?!


    thzorro, I’m new at Flashlight, but it seems like your menu is on your “shop” page. You need to make sure you have your menu’s set properly in the Themes… Menu options. Set your Flashlight Main Menu to “Main Menu” and do not set one for the “Flashlight Shop Menu”. See how that changes things.


    thanks for answer roloboard!

    tried every combination in menue option – no luck!

    i have changed the page layout options of the shop main page – nothing …

    please please need some more ideas!



    it´s only the shop main site, the rest like /cart ist working fine.


    I found the same……. am looking for a while to solve this problem


    Hi thzorro,

    The layout in your example is correct from what I can tell. The store sub menu is designed to be in the middle at the top of shop pages as you can see in the demo here:

    @arttrust – If we can take a look at your site where the shop is we might be able to help if it isn’t the same issue.




    So was this solved? I am having he same issue. Only the shop page is all funky. Please help.


    I got it. So I just needed to put in some content for the shop page to work! It is fine now


    Glad its working for you gstast :)

    I’ll go ahead and close this topic since its a bit out of date and I believe the bug related to it has been patched in one of the recent updates to the theme.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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