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    Hi I have a few questions regarding the flashlight theme.

    1. When I create a new sub menu for the shop pages, it aligns to the left rather than centre and on single product pages pushes product information to the right.

    2. Sidebar pages right issue

    I have added items to the sidebar pages right widget area, but it is still only displaying the default widgets. Other areas seem fine.

    Tried to get around this by adding the widgets to the sidebar everywhere, but this cause the widgets to also appear under the ones created for shop pages, making for a very long sidebar.

    I have seen other threads on the support forum, but there does not seem to be a solution. Any help would be appreciated, I really need to have different sidebars for the shop pages.

    3. On the blog archive / landing page, when you hover over the title, the feature images displays over the sidebar. Is this supposed to happen?

    4. Is there a way to display the blog meta data (date, etc) under the blog title. I have had to hide it as it was displaying over the RHS sidebar.


    Hi spacebunyip,

    1) I’m not seeing the menu issue, has it changed/gone away since posting?

    2) I believe there is still a bug that Kriesi has yet to tackle for this. You can try using something like which I have seen recommended for this.

    3) Yes, this is correct though the two options sort of clash with each other. You can set the blog to have the featured images display to the right when you hover over them or change it to one of the other options if the effect isn’t what you want since you are also using the right sidebar as well. Just go to the Theme Options> General Settings> Blog Overview Image Layout.

    4) Not without a good bit of customization to the index loop. On the other hand, you could push down the sidebar for single blog posts and then customize the css a bit to widen the meta data area. Although I think it looks kind of nice sitting on top of the sidebar and not quite as wide. So something like this:

    #top.single-post {
    top: 162px;




    Hi Devin,

    Thank you for all of your help. Yes, sorry I had to revert to the default shop sub menu as I wanted to show the client the site last night.

    You can view a screenshot of what was happening here..


    If you can re-activate the menu and let us know when you’ve done so we should be able to provide a fix. I’ll keep myself tagged on the topic so I should see it pretty quickly if you are worried about it being messed up while live.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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