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    Kriesi and team,

    I’m in a tight spot with my Flashlight themed web site:

    • Flashlight is freezing the IE7 and IE8 browsers in WinXP.

    • The page loads, and after a couple of seconds the browser stops responding.

    • I have disabled all plug ins to troubleshoot a Java script conflict, as per another post on the subject (“Mobile browsing with flashlight”).

    • I am using the latest theme from Themeforest, 1.9, with no modifications.

    • The site works properly in Safari and Chrome.

    • site is WP 3.5

    • A fix is needed urgently and I require your help troubleshooting if possible

    • I have not posted the link because of the confidential nature of the site.

    I have been building out a Flashlight-themed web site for our corporation over the past year. When i first laid the ground work for this project, Ie7 and Ie8 worked properly with flashlight, on Wp 3.4 . Over the last many months I added content and customized the theme for our tastes while updating the framework, functions, and individual css files as they’ve been released to Themeforest. To trouble shoot this problem I have removed my own modified version of the theme — what is on the site presently is the ‘vanilla’ vr1.9 of flashlight from Themeforest.

    The timing is most unfortunate. We anticipate a launch of the site for the New Year – and I’ve only just discovered this new problem while performing my final content updates and tests.

    Any help you can provide is appreciated and I can offer you full access to the site and development server. I can be reached here, but as this is a corporate web site I would prefer to keep discussion off of the forums. Please contact me at 1.609.841.1459 (US, east Coast) or offer an e-mail where i can write to you with the site location and access information.

    Thanks for any help you can provide, and Happy Holidays !



    I installed a new WP site with Flashlight and copied the post information over. The site continued to freeze in IE7/IE8.

    I installed a new WP site with Flashlight and uploaded some imagery, new, to the slideshow gallery. The site is working properly.

    Could there be a trick to updating my existing post information to prevent a conflict in newer WP/Flashlight?


    Update 2:

    Original WP install, the broken one: I deleted image galleries on the front page and a test portfolio and the pages worked – then uploaded new images to those pages. The pages still work properly in IE. It appears that the crash is due to a conflict between the old way image galleries were handled, and the new way WP/FL handles them. At the very least, i should be able to recover my site by removing all images and re-uploading them.


    Hi mikeverzella,

    I’m not completely clear on what you have done but if I’m understanding right you have things working.

    Just to add a bit of extra context to everything, Flashlight uses its own image gallery system for the portfolio items, pages and posts and disables/ignores the wordpress version.

    If you were switching over from another theme, you’ll definitely need to re-upload your images and re-assign everything. Though, I don’t know of any kind of conflicts that could or should be happening from having images attached to a post/page/portfolio using the wordpress attachment at the same time as the Flashlight.





    the problem turned out to be something entirely different: I was uploading CMYK images.

    While focused on code, and performance, and everything else i overlooked the profiles pegged to my images. It was only after i identified all of the offending images that i realized what they had in common. I replaced CMYK’s — which the newer browsers accepted — with sRGB’s and the IE browsers snapped in to shape.

    The site launched on time and has been working great these past 6 months. I still have a basket of updates and finishes planned:)



    Glad you sorted it out. I didn’t know CMYK can cause that kind error.



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