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    Could you advise why submenus are not active in the Flashlight theme. If they, are could you advise how to activate them

    So far we have…

    1. Created a custom menu

    2. Created a number of parent pages

    3. Created a number of child pages of these parent pages e.g.: Our team > Awards etc

    4. Refreshed the site to test the sub menu appearance

    All the above show no submenu at all, only parent pages.

    Could you advise is the submenu appearance is related to the choice of a page layout, or other setting to activate it?





    I’m not certain what you mean. I visited the site linked to your username and when I hover a menu item the submenu shows up.

    Do you want to have the submenus listed by default or am I missing something here?

    Let us know :)


    Hi Chris,

    Cheers mate, all sorted, I was after the submenu to appear, but worked out shifting the menu item to the right slightly simply drops it under a parent and shows in the nab as so.

    I have however come across two other slight issues.

    1. I have noticed is that main nav (in the lefthand sidebar) also appears by default along the top of every page as a string of text links. Do you know of a way to turn this off.

    2. I have also found the header text for each page is in a large font, even with page settings layout set to “small header text”. Regardless of how many times I attempt to change it, it stays large. Same on every page.

    Cheers again




    1) You can add this to your Quick CSS/custom.css

    .inner_box .sub-menu{display:none;}

    2) I believe you have to set this right from the first time when creating a page – have you tried removing & recreating a page with the correct settings?


    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for those suggestions mate, but re no.1 its the main menu/nav, showing as a horizontal nav, not the sub menu/nav, re no. 2, the default when creating a new page is set to a page layout of content + small title, which is what i want, but a large title, always shows.

    Check any page on the site , you’ll see what i mean for both issues

    Thanks again




    as for #1, try adding this to your custom.css


    #2, It’s strange that the big title always shows. When I create a page with layout “Default + small title” it displays a small title. Do you have any plugins activated that might interfere?



    #1 didn’t work either, can you point me to a particular css, that may need some code removed/replaced?

    #2 only plugin is woo commerce, recommended to install when theme is installed.




    Issue No.1 sorted, = Appearance > Menus > choose nil in the Shop menu, to show just the shopping cart nav.

    As for No.2 – still no change to the page header font, no matter what I do, where can i adjust the header find in the style sheets??

    Thanks for your help so far, cheers




    Would this code in the style.css under Generic be affecting the page content header from not changing font size, if transform-text is set to “none”?

    h1{clear:both; font-size:20px; font-weight:normal; text-transform: none;}

    Thanks guys!


    Just a quick update, solved issue #2, the large header font was caused by the Woo Commerce Plugin. Deactivated Woo Commerce, all other issues now seem to be getting resolved. Woo Commerce seems to be recommended for your FlashLight theme, however, seem sot be causing many errors.

    Do you have any other “compatible” recommendations for a shopping cart?


    PS. Ive got some great info from this forum and other post, so Thanks a tonne for putting git up!!



    We highly recommend WooCommerce, the theme should function fine with it – all styling errors can be solved through small modifications in the CSS which we will provide if needed.

    What are the issues you’re experiencing with the plugin?


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for getting back, as above, the woo-commerce theme does the following to your theme

    1. Header content font will not change from large to small even when page layout with small header has been selected and with the two sets of css changes you provided above.

    2. Gallery layouts do not appear or function at all, other than being used as backgrounds only

    3. Page content, marginised against the right hand border (can’t be seen…as if hidden behind the right hand border

    These were the main issues, we got around another few very minor ones, but a test in unplugging woo commerce immediately reversed the above three major issues. We unplugged, and re-installed twice, with exactly the same result each time, so hence why we have unplugged woo altogether. As we didn’t get any answers to the above posts, we just assumed woo was the cause, and that a custom css fix for every issue is really a bit of overkill, and that maybe a better relationship between woo and your theme, could be looked at.

    Not sure how many other in total have experienced this, but it appears through the threads a few times.

    Do you have any other recommendations??

    Cheers, thanks for your help



    Personally I’m a big fan of: Tribulant’s WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin because it integrates well in other themes (not just ours) and it offers a lot of advanced features (many gateways, product variations, etc.). I’ve also used (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -plugin-768?ap_id=Dude_Kriesi”>Simple Paypal Shopping Cart (which is free) or (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) ?ap_id=Dude_Kriesi”>WP eStore and they work quite well however I prefer Tribulants plugin (better product management, better ui, more features and no limitations when it comes to product variations, etc.).

    I’ve only read & heard bad things about Shopp (no support, outdated, you need to buy “premium tickets” for every question and nothing works out of the box). WP-Ecommerce requires some templates if you’d like to integrate it in other themes – otherwise it will work but won’t integrate nicely. Support isn’t outstanding too (at least I’ve read this on several websites…).


    Thanks Dude, you’re a legend, we’ll check ’em out!

    Thanks heaps for your help!

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