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    I am on Flashlight – Appearance/Widgets/Sidebars

    It seems like I can drop widgets into

    – Display Everywhere (right)

    – Sidebar Blog (right)

    its works very nicely; but when I drop widget into

    – Sidebar Pages (right)

    nothing happens. Why? Help.



    On your pages, did you choose yes to the option “Do you want to display a sidebar?”. You can also set the right sidebar to show by default on Theme Options > Sidebar > Do you want to display a right sidebar by default?.




    Hi Ismael

    Yes, is it set at default.

    It must be default, else the widget won’t be seen when I placed them inside Display Everywhere box (right)

    It just that when I place the widget inside Sidebar Pages (right), nothing happens. It won’t show in webpages.

    Still not resolved.


    Hi jonastham,

    As far as I know you’ll need to use the Displayed Everywhere Right sidebar to hold the widgets you want to appear on the right sidebar. Its been a bug for the past few versions and I don’t think Kriesi has been able to fix it yet.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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