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    I have got Flashlight running on WordPress, Ive been trying to set up Product Catagories within the plugged in Woocommerce. Basically I want to either hover over SHOP and a right box will show my 7 different catagories or show catagories within the All Products Box which I will change to “select your ___”

    I have loaded my catagories in Woocommerce>Products>Products Catalogue yet they will not appear anywhere on the website.

    I am a noob so be easy with the discription as I couldnt find much documentation with the Theme to help me.





    I guess you want to create a menu called SHOP and the categories as submenu. You can easily do this on Appearance > Menus. :)




    Thanks Ismael, I can see that now. The confusion I am getting is that I have already created categories in Woocommerce, so I then create categories in Appearances>Menus (got that) the obviously need to “link” with the checkout.

    Should it be;

    Shop> 7 categories and checkout and cart OR

    Shop> 7 categories (I ‘spose they will have to be 7 pages)

    Cart>checkout (on a seperate line)

    I would like to see a detailed instruction if anyone can link me to one please.

    If I continue with no clarity I will need to get a person to set the shop up for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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