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    Hello, first of all great job, everybody tells me it’s wonderful. My problem is related to woocommerce on flashlight, in details reguarding product variation. I make tailor made shirts and would like to tell that under product “Shirts” you can select the variation reguarding the fabric colour. So I set up attribute “Colour” , with plain, stripes and checks patterns. So I go on the product, select “variable product”, then go on variation, select colour and then the 3 ones. Then I save and go to variation and IE: upload 3 kind of fabric images reguarding different plain fabrics. But when I go and see it on the front end I can see only listed: plain, stripes and checks. No chance to select the kind of plain I want. Is there something I must set? If not how can I manage these variations?

    Thank you in advance and hope this is also usefull to somebodyelse.




    Did you check if each variations is enabled? If you set it up correctly, there should be a drop down option where you can select different variations for your product.




    Dear Ismael, thanks. yes they’re all enabled. I can see the attributes, but not the different variations and the image for each one. Thanks again


    Hi giuliapettinau00,

    As far as I know the variation change won’t change the image shown for the product on the fly because of the way the product images are handled with the theme.

    Let me double check with Kriesi/Support on this to see if it has changed or if there is a known work around.




    thank you Devin.



    In my experience, whenever you select a variation, and an image is available on that variation, the thumbnail will show. Is that the case in your site?




    Yes, but I uploaded the image in the variation but the image doesn’t show/change… what can I do?


    In many themes that would be the case but with the way Flashlight saves images/displays them the plugin isn’t able to interact with the displayed image when you change variations. There was an update for this behavior with Abundance but from talking with Peter, the same thing would take considerable alteration to do with Flashlight and may cause issues with any past versions.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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