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    Help! No matter which photo size I upload or resolution the featured image for each product is very blurry. Anyone know how to fix this? It is a photo size issue?




    The image is perhaps 8% resized down. It difficult to get perfect backgrounds for everyone since there is no standard screens. However first thing to do is to install the Simple Image Sizes plugin ( ). The plugin will give you complete control over all images in the theme -from aspect ratio, to width, whether to crop the image, and even has a built in thumbnail regenerator.

    After installing the plugin, you will find your Settings > Media page in the backend to contain the various sizes. Then simply find the dimensions you want to change. Save. Regenerate the images and see if you like what you see or want to tweak the image sizes further.

    You also need to be using images that are 1600×900 approximately the same aspect ratio as an average monitor. If you use square images that are much smaller, they will attempt to fit the screen by stretching, which causes blurriness. so its better to have larger images.

    You should try to prep the images in photoshop or some photo editing software so that they all are about same size. that will give a consistent effect. There is no way to make a 400×550 image to become a background image without some serious blurring.

    Use the plugin, and try a few different sizes to see what I mean.

    Here is also a good aspect ratio calculator to get an idea of sizes for smaller images that have same aspect ratio as your bigger images.




    Ok the problem is my images turn out great in all uses, Shop Category, Zoom In of photo, Background Image. The image just shows up blurry for the actual product image you click on the learn more about it.

    Is this another problem? I am using WooCommerce with thumbnails at 90×90.



    Please go to the thumbnail size settings page (WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog and scroll to the bottom). Check if a thumbnail size of 120x120px exists – if yes try to change it to eg 200x200px.

    Best regards,



    Thank you for your help, changing to 200×200 plus regeneration worked! I am so grateful for this.


    Great! Glad that worked for you :)

    Let us know if you have any other issues or questions.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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