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    Both open and p/w protected portfolios are crashing on the new iPad and iPhone 3GS (I assume other iPhones as well). I’ve used both Safari and Chrome for the iPad, with the same results. The page will start to load, and then it will exit the app. Works fine on iMac using Firefox and Safari, just crashing on iDevices.

    Let me know if you want to try a p/w page, and how to private message you a p/w.




    Hi Mark,

    There was a new update released for Flashlight(1.7) with some fixes and changes for mobile devices. Give the update a try and see if it doesn’t fix the issues.

    I’ve marked the topic for Kriesi in the meantime so definitely let us know if you are still having the same issue after updating :)




    Yeah, I’m still having the same issue after I updated to 1.7. I even did the “media gallery” update for Flashlight. Still crashing. It will pull up (or at least start to) and when I try to scroll, it will exit the app.


    Thanks for updating and responding :)

    I’ve sent an email to Kriesi as well to hopefully get this sorted out asap :)





    I can reproduce the issue when browsing your installation with my iPad. The strange thing is that it doesnt happen on my site nor on any other site I have seen yet, so the most likely explanation is an incompatibility with a plugin.

    The problem with the app crashing is that I cant tell from the javascript debuger what exactly is causing the problem so I would recommend to deactivate all wordpress plugins and test the site again, then activate them one by one.

    This will tell us if a plugin is really the cause of the problem and if so which one it is…


    So, I deactivate ALL of the Plugins, and it still crashes.

    It also will cause crashes on my Posts.

    Anything else you can offer?


    Hi mszphotography,

    Can you try leaving the plugins deactivated? If that doesn’t make a difference after a day or so, I would recommend trying to re-install the theme files again or potentially WordPress if it continues.




    Hi guys

    My site does the same thing.

    Flexible Grid.

    Displays grid but when you click an image the iPad browser abends.

    The background image behind the grid will Flickr sometimes.

    Please confirm the best setting.


    I’m using pages with galleries.

    Rather than portfolios because I couldn’t figure out the difference.

    Some pages have over 20 images in the gallery.

    Also with Safari on my MacBook when there are a large number of images, the theme will divide the images into two sets. The user might not notice this and not se e the second set.


    Now it’s real weird.

    On this page, if you select “display sidebar and contents on page load” it will only bring up 16 of the 20 images.

    If you hide the sidebar, all 20 images are available on the bottom thumb strip.

    I tried a bunch O’stuff.


    Hi, My site also crashing on ipad and iphone on all gallery types, not all the time to be fair, mostly on when you click on the image to enlarge then it will crash. Full screen gallery seems ok.

    As you mentioned above if we update this may help, I am new to both wordpress and your theme, can you recommend the best and safest way to update your theme on my site?

    site link:


    You can update the theme in the same way you first installed it. You’ll need to download the most recent version of the theme files by re-downloading the theme from your Downloads on Themeforest then either upload the theme files via FTP or use the wordpress admin to overwrite everything.

    I can re-tag Kriesi on this topic as he is the only one able to test wit any apple devices but in the original posters issue he wasn’t able to repoduce the isse on the demo site or his local copy.

    Can you try accessing the demo site and testing to see if you get the same errors? If not, disable all active plugins except woocommerce and try your site again to see if the issues resolves itself.





    Hey Guys! Since The latest version of iOS I can no longer reproduce the issue. Just wanted to check back if its only me or if you still get crashes with iOS 6 or later…



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