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    I am using the qtranslate plugin to run a multilingual site (7 languages).

    Likewise other users, I am having troubles at keeping the language selection while navigating through the site.

    What happens is: when selecting a portfolio entry, it automatically jumps to the default language (in this case, german).

    How can I keep the language selection throughout the whole visit?

    I have inserted the breadcrumb also and It doesnt work well for the porfolio entries, It takes me to the archives of the category.

    ” if(!is_front_page() && empty($avia_config))


    echo “<div id=’breadcrumb_wrapper’ class=’container’>”;

    new avia_breadcrumb(array(‘delimiter’ => ‘/’));

    echo “</div>”;


    How should I modify the class-breadcrumb.php to make it work right?

    I need urgent help, please give me a solution asap.

    Thank you!!


    Hey there!

    Anyone can help??? I really need an answer. Thank you!!


    Portfolio language switch problem solved if anyone needs it desperately like me before:

    Still in need the solution for the breadcrumb question. I am disappointed not having your support or any reply at all for long days… :(



    the breadcrumb uses standard wordpress functions like “get_the_category”, “get_category_parents” and “get_the_term_list” for portfolio items. Based on the link above I assume that the issue is also caused by qtranslate. The breadcrumb just displays the term which is returned by the get_the_term_list function. Please contact the author of the plugin because I don’t have enough insight in the code of a third party plugin.


    Thank you, I’ll contact them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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