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    I loved Enfold so much for my company, that I bought Flashlight for my personal use. Great work Kriesi team!

    I am developing a site locally (XAMPP) and created a Flashlight Child theme, which is active. So far things seem to be working, but the order of operations is odd.

    I wanted to change the background color to red and so chose Dark Skin in ‘Theme Option’ and then put the following in my Quick CSS:

    /* CSS modification to change background color */
    .box, .blog-meta, .return_content, .arrowslidecontrolls_fullscreen, .hide_content_wrap a, .img_count, .slide_thumbnails, .widget {
    background: red;

    #top .main_menu .menu ul {
    background: red;

    Nothing changed.

    I then cut the code from Quick CSS and put the code in my Child style.css sheet. No change. However, using Chrome’s Inspect Element, I noticed that the Child’s style.css had been read, but that the value had been crossed out. The .box background was still #111.

    I then went to the parent Flashlight and entered the code in custom.css. No change.

    Finally I changed the parent dark-skin.css (Line 32) from #111 to red, and the change was applied.

    I have not gone through my php files but it appears that dark-skin.css is being applied AFTER flashlight-child quick.css, AFTER flashlight-child style.css, and AFTER flashlight (parent) custom.css, which seems odd given the many options to modify the theme without changing root files.

    I also tried creating a child version of dark-skin.css and putting it in the flashlight-child folder. No changes there. The parent dark-skin.css overwrote everything.

    My question is this – what am I doing wrong? Will my Child theme Quick CSS work?



    Hey bebone30!

    Theme isn’t loading in the styles in an order where just adding in the same css will give it priority. Try prepending each selector with #top to give it a higher priority. In the case where you already are, try !important to force it.

    I’ll see if we can do an update to fix things a bit more for better child theme support. I’m not sure if what I have in mind will be fully backwards compatible.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Devin. I’ve been traveling and unable to work on this project, but I’ll let you know the results.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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