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    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I’ve loaded up the flashlight theme (fantastic work btw, I’m flabbergasted at how well developed this theme is) ) but when I view the list of recent posts in the side bar the preview thumbnail images are empty. I’m assuming you set these in the ‘featured image; panel within the edit posts panel but ‘featured image’ doesn’t show up in my screen options.

    example here:

    have i got this all wrong and setting the thumbnail/preview is done some other way?



    You need to upload an “Image Gallery” image – the first one will be used as “featured image”.


    ah, got it, it’s just my old blog posts had ‘inline’ images soo when i changed them to fit the theme (using the intregral gallery system) they showed up. Only downside is i’ll need to repopulate my old posts for the theme to work to it’s full potential but I can handle that.

    Thanks :)

    one more thing though….

    I would like th shorten the date/time imformation that is displayed in the latest posts widget I have in my sidebar….

    …as i feel it is giving the user too much information and I don’t like how it is displaying on two lines. what file within the theme structure is this information held in as I can’t seem to find it and changing the generic wp date display settings don’t seem to make any difference?


    answered my own query with some further detective work…the file i was looking for was class-framework-widgets.php. :)


    Glad that you solved the problem :)


    Ok- question on this one then.

    If my client wants to just upload images and put them at random spots in the blog post, how can i do this so that we maintain that functionality but also gain the featured image ?



    The featured image location is hardcoded – you can either modify the template to change the position (loop-index.php or loop-page.php) or your client can insert the images into the content directly.


    ok – but images directly into the content is going to create the featured image is it ?


    No – it will add the image to the media libary. Flashlight featured images can be used as background images (full screen galleries) or you can display them in a slider/gallery grid. The slider/gallery grid have a fixed position somewhere in the template so your client can’t change the location. Standard images can be used everywhere inside the content area.


    Ok – thanks for the reply, would be real nice in future versions to have a bot more flexibility with this.

    Also, the link to documentation from within the theme results in a 404 ….




    Thanks – I’ll report it to Kriesi.



    I use this topic to ask how could I fixe the featured image under the blog excerpt

    Thanks for your help


    I still have problems with featured images…

    All my posts have one single inline image, uploaded to the native WordPress media library (originally usually from within the post). On some posts, this image shows up when hovering over the post on the blog page, on others it simnply des not.

    Any ideas, how to solve that?


    You need to set featured images and these images will appear if you hover over the post. If you just embed/insert the image into the content the hover effect won’t work.


    Yes, I am aware of that, but after changing to the Flashlight theme, my backend screen options no longer show the “featured image” option nor the “set as featured image” when uploading a picure.


    Yes but now the “Image Uploader” in the “Gallery Options” field dictates the featured image. The first image will be used as “featured” image.


    Does this mean that I have to rework (delete the inline image, upload it anew with gallery function…) all my older posts??


    If you’d like to create the hover effect (and use fullscreen slideshows, etc.) you need to set at least one featured image. It’s currently not possible to use inline images.


    OK, not funny… and thanks for merging the threats, I probably used the wrong keywords in the search.

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