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    Hey guys,

    Is it possible to add custom links for gallery items? Right now there’s an area for Link URL, but every time I change it and save, it flips back to the previous default for the image location.

    Here’s my current setup and what I’d like to achieve:

    – I have several different gallery items set up with 1 image uploaded in each gallery item

    – I have a “master” page set up as a Gallery in Flashlight settings to display the gallery items on this “master” gallery page

    – I’d like to have the gallery items on the “master” page to not go to the individual galleries, but to a specific link in the shop

    Is something like this possible?




    Hi Mike,

    If you could please post a link or send one privately to usjahm [at] . There are lots of gallery options, and I want to make sure I understand the best way of going about this.




    Hey Nick,

    Sure thing, it’s


    Hi Mike,

    Sorry for the wait, had a bit of an emergency, also didn’t look at your name ‘tns’ or would have remembered the url.

    Right, so you want visitors to click on individual portfolio images on page (/des-all/ above). and instead of being taken to portfolio item pages, you want them to go to some page you assign? You can accomplish that with customization, but there is no functionality (for now) to make that happen. I am not sure where you placed links that you wrote above dissapear when you save. But I will pass the suggestion up the ladder.




    No problem Nick, thanks for the help.

    I changed the link URLs when editing the portfolio pages >> Gallery Options >> Upload >> expand details about each image, Link URL. When you save, it reverts back to whatever it was beforehand. Not sure if this is the right approach, I thought if I changed this URL, the image would link to something else.


    Hi Mike,

    You sure know how to find them! Two for two! I can replicate what you are describing. I looked around and this seems to be a WordPress issue from 2008 till now .

    Here is a quote from 2008 wordpress faq: updated recently:

    “…the Gallery feature will ignore any link you have added to the Link URL field of an image. Clicking a Gallery thumbnail will open the Photo Carousel, the original image or an image Attachment page. (It has been possible to add clickable links in the Description of images for quite some time, but as of June 2012 this function was extended to the image Caption on any image, including Gallery thumbnails.)” reference: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -faq/

    Try adding the link to the description of the image. Here is one workaround (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -into-a-gallery-image

    Please let us know how its progressing.




    Haha oh man, thanks so much for your detailed follow-up. I actually ended up doing the Description Link solution in the meantime. I wonder why the wordpress gang hasn’t solved this, seems like it’s a really useful function to be able to link to whatever you want.



    Hey Mike,

    Glad Nick was able to help :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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