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    Greetings, Support Folks!
    Firstly, I’ve bought several themes from several different vendors, to include the “big guys” like Woo Themes and Elegant Themes. I must say that I am EXTREMELY pleased with your theme’s framework and documentation in your code/css files. You are doing fantastic work. Please, keep up the high quality standard.

    My question: I’m using your Flashlight theme to support a new site for a nonprofit Photography Museum (Florida Museum of Photographic Art) in Tampa, Florida. I’d like to know how difficult it would be to make a new “widget” that would be in the left main nav sidebar (where the “search” field and social media icons are) to display the same text as the background gallery tooltips. My client would like to populate the tooltip with credit information on the photos that they are using for the background gallery, but would like it to be seen without having to dismiss/hide the sidebar/content.
    Here is their original site (with a similar tooltip feature on the background gallery) – that theme is a custom Bootstrap theme (programmed very poorly, IMHO). Here is the site with the Flashlight theme that I’m working on.

    Many thanks for any advice/help/hints;


    Hey dewbscott!

    I think this is possible but it would require some work (probably 2-3 hours with testing) and you need to customize the theme files a bit. Basically you need to remove the tooltip effect from the thumbnails (delete/comment out this code line in flashlight/js/avia.js)


    and then you must write a custom function which extracts the meta data from the tooltip html code and which inserts/displays this data in the sidebar. Depending on your coding skills I suggest tho hire a freelancer here: or here:

    Best regards,

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