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    Hi there,

    I’m trying to achieve following: load a transparent flash banner on top of my site once per session. My idea is to create an absolute positioned DIV on top of the normal site content. This DIV will contain flash video to be played. Are there any flaws in my desing thinking?

    Have anyone done such thing and could share some experiences with me?




    I never added a flash banner to a website (several javascript banners though) but I see no reasons why a flash banner shouldn’t work. Basically I think flash banners have drawbacks when it comes to file size, loading times, client requirements, etc. but of course in some cases you need to use flash (3d animation, etc.). Kenburns can be done with javascript/jquery since the estro slider revolution :)


    Hi Dude,

    glad You have looked into my question.

    Wheter it is a flash or other content – that is to decide – ;) A I have already done some work. I have achieved to show an absolute positioned div on top of my site displaying the content of the flash animation. The main goals are now (from simple to complex):

    1. how to center an absolute div?

    2. to display these content once per session (use cookie, but how? never done that)

    3. display it on top of the other content but the content should be visible through under (could be dimmed using prettyphoto, lightbox, fancybox or whatever?)

    How about that?


    1) It depends on the location of the absolute div. If it’s an overlay or not a child of a relative positioned div there’s no way to center align it because different screen resolutions require different positions values (you can use percentage values though if you know the exact width of the absolute element). In this case you can only use javascript/jquery to calculate the position. If it’s within a relative positioned div you can calculate the exact position if you know the width of the absolute element and the width of the relative element.

    2) I worked with sessions, etc. before but it’s way too complex to cover this topic here – google is a real helper here.

    3) You can use prettyphoto to display swf files:


    OK, self solved question no 1.

    For others… to achieve this you have to add following cod to the div definition in your .css file:


    1. Content to display width is 1246px.


    position: absolute;

    width: 1246px;

    top: 0;

    left: 50%;

    margin-left: -623px;


    background-color: transparent;


    Others questions: cookie setting once per session, and seeing other content through remain the same.

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