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    is it possible to have a fixed text above the blog posts?

    I have made a Page that is assigned as the blog through the Flashlight theme settings, where all the blog Posts show up in order. I want to have kind of intro och presentation of the blog. Like a header and some text thats always in the top of the page. Much like how it works with portfolio items. If I assign one page as the portfolio for one category, it will show all the portfolio entries belov the content of that page. Is it possible to do the same with the blog?




    Hey lotsdesign!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Flashlight theme options under Styling tab and adjust the text as needed

    .template-blog-overview .box:before { content: 'Your text goes here!'; }



    Thanks for the reply. I tried it and it showed text above the first blog post. I also want to format the text with blank rows and different font formations and links in the text, but it did not work.

    Can you make a regular blog post but let it always be fixed in the top?




    In that case, please go to Appearance > Editor and open Template-blog.php file and find <div class='box'> and add your text right below it <div class="your-text">Your text</div> then you can style it using .your-text style in Quick CSS



    I don’t just want to change the css for the font, I want to add links in the text, and row brakes and edit the text like it was a regular blog post. Is that still possible if using .your-text style in Quick CSS? Don’t quite know how to do this.




    Unfortunately, it is not possible using only CSS. You need to modify theme files as i mentioned in my previous post


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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