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    finally we ordered the replete theme to get used of kriesi themes (coming from anorther vendor).

    replete looks great so far but I have a small problem with the sliders. I tried to serach the forum here

    but no luck so far for the particular issue.

    I want to have a fixed height for the slider where the images assigned to the slider get cropped automatically.

    We are used to this behaviour with our existing theme. i.e. http://www.travelping.com. If you show the image from a

    slider you will see it is cropped to the exact size of the slider.

    How we can ger this with kriesi themes (replete in particular)?


    You can use a plugin like this to change and modify the image sizes generated by the theme: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-image-sizes/ (it adds some new options to the Settings > Media option screen). Just deselect the “crop” checkbox next to the image dimensions and regenerate the thumbnails with: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/


    We are having issues adjusting the height of the slider. We got the plugin you mentioned above but we can’t figure out what image type we need to change in order to adjust in the slider. We want the slider to look like it does on your demo for the theme. Please help! thanks



    @luvhood: Suggested image size is 1500x430px. That is the size of the images on the Replete demo.




    There is some other issue going on. We have the height set at that but the image is taking up almost the entire screen. When the page loads (on view page) you can see where the slider should be set and then for some reason the image stretches out much higher. We set it up as follows: We created a TEmplate Builder called HomePage which includes the slideshow and the featured products —same set up as shown on the demo. In the Home page settings, we added the image to slideshow. help!!! Been trying to figure this out since yesterday. it seems there is some glich or something :))))))


    Hi luvhood,

    The image will stretch to fit the full screen and will do so proportionally. So if the image you used has a smaller size that 1500 pixels wide and still has good sized height, it will stretch the height until the width is taking up the whole slider.

    So try using an image that is not as tall first, and if you can link to your site and page we can take a look live.




    ok thanks. Another question—I’ve added all my items to the Portfolio and I’ve set the Portfolio to appear on a page I created called “Lookbook”. But I cannot figure out why the images do not appear on the page! They only appear on the page if I insert them directly into the slide show on the page.



    Did you use the Theme Options > Portfolio? You need select “Lookbook” on “Which page should display the portfolio?” option. Then you can alter the options like columns and ajax portfolio view.




    Hi Ismael, I have some questions about slider height as well. The height got cropped on this slider for some reason and I can´f figure out why (http://katitziclothing.com/katitzi-mama/). Also when we added some new photos in this slide they goy cropped in height to? (http://katitziclothing.com/startpage/). What are we doing wrong?

    Also I can´t get rid of the sidebar in the shop, is there any easy access to that (I don´t do HTML very well!)

    Regards/ ÅsaW


    Hi jabbin,

    The images are cropped because they are larger than the slideshow area and proportionally they wouldn’t fit without cropping. 1038×406 is the size of that slideshow and if you upload images at *that* size then they wont get cropped. You can also use it as a guide for larger images if you expand it proportionally to that larger size.




    Ok, thanks I´ll try that!

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