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    I am running an older version of Flashlight. There is an issue when viewing the site on a mobile device where the menu can overlap the content area when zooming in and if the background has a alternating photo gallery the menu disappears and reappears if scrolled down.

    I know there is a fix for this in the newer version of flashlight. I do not want to install the newer version because i have modified a lot of the style.css and i fear too much will have to be redone. Can you isolate the fix for this and inform me of it so i can implement it into my older version of Flashlight?

    Thanks for your help.




    Hi James,

    You’ll need to check the version.txt file in the most recent version of the theme files. We really aren’t able to go through and isolate the individual fix through all of the past 16 updates without at least knowing your current version.




    Hi devin,

    I have version 1.4. There have been a lot of updates since this version. From reading the version txt files i see there is an update in version 1.7 to fix the issue i am talking about. Will just replacing the file “avia_fullscreen_slider.js” on my server in the js folder work? If there is an issue i can just overwrite the file with the original. I just wanted to get your input first. Thanks for your help.




    I think your approach is correct. Use something like to compare your folder to new update on a per character basis. I am not sure if the js file will work or there are dependencies in other template files that also need modifications. I think its quick enough to test. I would just backup the database before starting.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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