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    I can not create the first menu like the demo Shoutbox?

    “Home Advertise Contact shortcodes Sample Page”

    Someone help me or just a clear tutorial please



    Hi, the small menu in the top left is called the Sub Menu. The larger one under your site logo is the Main Menu. For them to appear you have to set them in dashboard/appearance/menus/theme locations. In that panel you can choose which menu you want to be the sub menu and which to be the main menu.

    To create a menu, you have to drag and drop the pages/categories/post tags you want to be the headings of the menu into the menu builder. They will appear as grey horizontal bars. If you want to make a drop down menu off one particular menu heading you have to push the grey bars under that heading a little further to the right. Make sure you save it afterwards!

    If you want to make a MegaMenu, you have to select the “Use as Mega Menu” checkbox inside the grey horizontal bar of the item you wish to hold the MegaMenu. Then you drag and drop the other elements underneath it and to the right, so it makes the dropdown. These dropdown elements will appear side by side, as columns inside the Mega Menu. You can edit their contents in the description box of each grey bar that is part of the Mega Menu dropdown.


    Thank you

    Is Ok now


    Thanks rumblefish for helping us out :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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