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    Hey guys. So I am having an issue getting images to show correctly in Firefox. (Unrelated to this issue, possibly: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) )

    For some reason, background images do not show up in Firefox (

    Also, when looking at any page that has an image (, in Chrome and IE, clicking on the image opens lightbox. In Firefox, lightbox does not open but rather I am taken to the photo location.

    Is there some sort of issue with Firefox and Lightbox? Or is this a theme issue? If you visit the site with different browsers and select an image, you will see the issue.


    Also, on this page ( there is supposed to be 2 images rotating every 5 seconds. In Chrome and IE, this is true- and clicking the images opens lightbox. In Firefox, there is only one image shown and clicking it takes it to the photo link.



    Sounds like some kind of javascript error to me, although there are no errors thrown. Are you running any plugins that might interfere with the execution of the javascript?




    Hi. The only plugins I currently have installed are: “All in one Favicon”, “W3 Total Cache” (deactivated), and “WooCommerce”. I am not really good with Javascript, so I don’t know which of these may or may not be interfering.


    I went ahead and reactivated the W3 Total cache, cleared out the stored cache’s, and that fixed the issue I was having in Firefox. I will update this thread and close it as such.


    This did not however fix the issue I was having in the other thread. Although I agree with you that it is most likely due to this plugin.


    This issue was caused by a plugin issue with W3 Total Cache. Thread closed.

    Thank you very much for the help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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