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    I’m kinda disappointed at the moment. My homepage has an unexpected error when I click on one of the thumbnail images. Can you please help me solve this.

    Try it for yourself. Perhaps its one of my plugins?



    I tested the site and I don’t see any error. Can you point us on the exact thumbnail with the error?




    The first one. The browser shuts down when you click on it.


    Hi finkelstein2004,

    I clicked on the first thumbnail and also other thumbnails using both Firefox and Chrome and it works smoothly. I’ll tag the rest of the support, so they can verify if the error occurs on their end. Also, try to check it using other pc or laptop besides the one you are using and check if the issue persists.





    Try to deactivate all your Firefox browser extensions – maybe one causes the error.

    Best regards,




    Dude is right. And if deactivation doesn’t help, I would export the bookmarks, and completely uninstall FF without saving anything during the uninstall. I would also check if there are any updates available for Windows (if that is what you use). Something is wrong with your setup. No website can crash a browser on purpose unless there is fundamentally something wrong with the browser.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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