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    I have a few bugs I have seen since testing with the new theme in Woocommerce 2.0:

    – Would be nice for the theme, to support both the old and new version of Woocommerce. After installing the new version of the theme I get an error about get_product on the frontend. It doesn’t matter for me, but it should be good to be backwards compatible.

    – Could the text From and Your Message text from the class-form-generator file be included in the language files. This way I don’t have to edit these each time.

    – When checking out in Woocommerce, the billing country form is going mad. It gets an overflow:hidden, while it shouldn’t.

    Haven’t found any others, thanks a lot for the great work.


    Hi Amelandbor,

    I’ll tag the topic for Kriesi to see if there is anything he can do to make it more compatible with non upgraded version of woocommerce as well as make the text in the form generator translatable.

    For the country, can you link us to an example?




    I only have a local test version for that. It only happens, when improved selection for countries is activated in the general settings of woocommerce.


    Where is the option for improved selection for countries? I don’t have it with my live clean install


    It’s the first option just below the styles and scripts header.


    Ahh I see it now, odd place for it. I guess its another new function with 2.0 that will need to be adjusted for. We’ll add it in to the to-do list of things to fix.




    I updated to the new version, but all off these things were still in 2.0. I have fixed all of them on my local version, but I think it could be helpful for others if these were fixed.


    There will definitely be no backwards compatibility for woocommerce but their was a fix included for the country selection. As for the translation strings in the class form generator, I will re-mention it to Kriesi as the last time I looked they are set up to accept translation.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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