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    Hey there– Getting the hang of this all again, but have a few things I am trying to accomplish here. If you take a link to my site below, you should get an idea of what I am talking about.

    Here is a list of issues I am having

    1. I have the slide show at the top with the right images, but the nav seems really funky. The Dots/Arrows dont seem to function at all. Also when you click on the image(S) it pops up with a slide show. Ideally that would not happen and they would stay in the container.

    2. All of the portfolio items I have are animations, so I really need to be able to display something in the Ajax 3 portfolio system, like that at this link

    What I would like to happen is have a thumbnail for the portfolio items, then upon selecting one and opening up above, the vimeo video would load right away rather than an image. This way, all the info could still be to the left and you would be able to fullscreen or watch small in the project page, just like the link above.

    3. My contact page does not seem to be displaying the content fields in the theme setting, but I am pretty sure I have selected everything in the theme options.

    4. I would like to be able to link the portfolio items meta data that is set in the posting to a page similar to the link for sphere above, but with ideally just the video and text as the link and a slightly larger size … maybe 960×540….

    I eventually need to get all these things straightened out so if there is anyone who can help out with any of these or all that would be sweet. Thanks!


    Hi voloh,

    You have quite a few javascript errors popping up on your site which probably explains the issues with #1. Try disabling all your active plugins and then testing the issue again. Re-enable them one by one to identify the conflict.

    2) The link there on the demo is is just using a video with a preview image. So if you don’t want the preview image just use a video when adding your featured media to that portfolio item.

    3) Make sure that you have saved the changes in the contact section of the theme options and that the page you’ve designated as the Contact page has no other templates assigned to it in *that* pages template option.

    4) You would need to create the single page separately then just use a html link in the meta data field that you want to be the link. You could embed the video with wordpress’s built in model or use the pages featured media section.




    Hey Devin– Thanks a ton.

    Issues 1 & 3 are definitely sorted out and think I can figure out number 4

    As for the second one thought… I am adding the video through the add video from external URL option. Am I doing something wrong as that it is not working? I will continue to mess around more tonight, but if you (or anyone else) has thoughts, please let me know.

    On a related but side note, there are two more slideshow issues:

    1: How do I remove the pop-up into a new window option for the slideshow? Right now what happens is that the navigation is working fine but when you mouse over, the opacity decreases and the magnifying glass shows up… followed by a pop up if you click. I would love for all of that to dissappear….

    2: What about adding video (vimeo to slide show) my thoughts are to create an embedded version that is the height and width of my banner, but not so sure about that. Again… ideally I would like no pop-ups or functioning in the slideshow other than to possibly click the left and right arrows and maybe a video link (but that may be too much to ask)

    Thanks again Devin.



    1.) Edit the page or post then on the Featured media look for “Apply link to image?”, select another option other than “Lightbox.”

    2.) You can add videos on the Featured media, once you added the URL, you need to add the thumbnail for the video.



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