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    Hi guys, got few questions, really need your help.

    I install the theme on my demo directory first, will later put on my website.

    1. is it possible to put a categories dropdown menu in the home navi bar? how?

    2. I want to put tags I added to each single post, position before the post time, how to do that? [Important!]

    3. I want to change “Latest News” into “Latest Updates”

    4. I want to add a full size frontpage Box4 or even more under 123. [Important!]

    5. How to add a code box next to the logo, size fit the rest room..I might want to put ads or something there.

    I don’t know too much about the reprogramming, that’s why, really appreciate your help.. Thanks!!


    No. 1 3 are solved.. please help me on 2 4 5.. Thanks!


    No. 1234 are solved.. but not question 5

    5 How to add a code box next to the logo, size fit the rest room..I might want to put ads or something there.

    and I want ask one more questions. how to make the categories in the pages and posts with more levels.. like the children categories with spaces in front of them compare to the parent categories. Looks more natrual that tree structure, you know what I mean?



    5) Open up your style.css file and add

    margin:20px 0 0 100px;;

    to the bottom, adjust the width & height to the size of your ad, change the margin to your liking, the values of margin is top right bottom left.

    In your header.php file add:

    <a href="YOURLINK" class="nexttologo"> <img src="YOUR IMAGE LINK" /></a>

    right before

    <?php get_search_form(); ?>

    Extra: You can use lists within lists to achieve this “parent structure” effect.

    I hope this helps :)


    Thanks Chris.. it works!!

    And another extra questions…

    I added an admin pic to each of my reply, but why the png file not transparent? just very curious…

    .editComment, .editableComment, .textComment{

    display: inline;



    border: 1px solid #999;

    margin: 5px 2px 2px 4px;

    padding: 4px 2px 2px 4px;

    background-color: white;



    background-color: #E2E2E2;



    border:1px dashed #777;width:90%;






    border:1px dashed #777;






    color: #999;



    background:url(/admin.png) no-repeat; float:right; filter:alpha(opacity=100);


    this is the interdependent css file for the comments



    this code added later, i deleted, not working as well.



    in style1.css change:

    .item, .wrapper img{
    border:1px solid #ddd;
    background: #fff;


    .item, .wrapper img{
    background: transparent;

    or you can add a new style rule which is more specific :)


    Thanks! dude.. it works like charming..

    I am really feel embarrassing to ask more questions. but I really have one last to go..

    the test comments, did you notice, one of the long messages, it can’t change the line automatically… how to fix it? Thanks


    This flaw is caused by the long text strings (strings without line breaks or spaces – it’s nearly impossible to replicate this error with standard sentences/words) but you can solve the problem with:

    .comment_text {
    word-wrap: break-word;


    Dude, you are awsome!

    Anyway, it’s a flaw, I will leave it as it is.. no body would type such long word though…


    Glad that I could help you :)

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