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    ok. this might be long. I am not that technical but known enough to get in trouble and about halfway out of trouble. A guy that was doing web work for me had the enfold theme in a drive that he passed over before he left. I installed it on my site, and I love it. I found out it was a paid theme only after I installed it and found a background video playing issue that is probably because the version is 3.4.2. That’s when I found the update page, etc. I plan on testing one very important plugin and purchasing once I know it works. my questions are as follows – This theme will come with support, right, and if I want to have a background video like the demo shows, you can guide me to the issue. Second – this entire site will have to be moved to another domain name from *.net to *.com – I want to be sure that can be done since this theme appears so comprehensive. I found a popular plugin which is supposed to do that easily. I guess those are the big questions, I love how easy everything works. I apologize for having used the theme thus far but I didn’t know, and I will be purchasing it shortly, as long as the answers to my questions are satisfactory.


    Hi John!

    Thank you for contacting us!

    – Yes, we do provide support for our themes. We have moderators from around the world so there is always an active moderator answering questions and helping with the issues. So yes, we will assist you to create the same looking layout and try our bests to solve the issue you are having with background video.

    – Yes, it can be done. Please see for more information.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again :)

    Best regards,

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