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    Alright, I’ve been working on this feed on and off for a year! But the guys on the forum here, told me my sermon feed was But that didn’t work to subscribe via iTunes. So I tried putting my feed link into Feedburner, but that feed doesn’t work either. The error it’s giving me is:

    Content Type reported: text/html; charset=UTF-8
    Media enclosure not created because: The content type returned from your host server was a text type, not a binary media type. Podcast content should always return a binary media type, such as audio/mpeg for audio, or video/mpeg for video.

    Can someone please help me out, I’m extremely angry with this feed.


    Hi jakedohm!

    The sermon rss feed is not set up to be a podcast feed. It would need to be added in as a new feature as the custom post type is only set up to show the “post” items in the feed and doesn’t output anything for itunes or related to the individual media file right now.

    Best regards,


    Okay, so how would one change the custom post type to a podcast feed?


    I can’t really answer that definitively. WordPress custom post types aren’t technically posts and are really pages. So I don’t know if the same general settings would apply for what you can do with posts.

    With posts, supposedly you can just add in a link to the mp3 and itunes will pick it up but with the sermon custom post type. There are also plugins like PowerPress which assist in getting the feed set up correctly for itunes.

    So it would probably take adding either an input on the sermon page to correspond to the data itunes needs:


    Finding a plugin that does that for you which can also attach to custom post types/taxonomies.



    We use podpress to make ours into a feed, though we disabled the player for podpress in the post so you don’t get both the incarnation player and the podpress player on the same post.

    Good luck

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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