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    I’ve set up my frontpage as a 4 column portfolio, but I would really like to have a slideshow at the top (as if it were the latest post in a blog format), between the columns and the menu. I’ve created a copy of portfolio.php and renamed it so it can be called as a specific template.

    I’ve looked over this post but this would require the frontpage to be in a blog format. My question therefore is: How do I put in a slideshow at the top on a portfolio page?

    Thanks in advance!

    – Mizzquizz


    I didn’t test this mod but try to replace following code in template-portfolio.php (or your custom portfolio template):

    <div id="main" class='portfolio'>


    <div id="main" class='portfolio'>

    $medium_prev_image = display_featured_media(1);
    if(!empty($medium_prev_image)) echo $medium_prev_image;

    and add some featured media images to the portfolio page.


    Wow, that worked really well! Thanks!

    Do you have any suggestions as to how I might target the image size of this individual page (i called it template_portfolio_homepage.php) either through CSS or PHP? Any help in this regard would be much appreciated!

    But thanks a lot for helping me out with this hurdle!


    Okay, I’ve been battling how to make the front page image show properly. I tried changing the image sizes in functions.php which made the size for my portfolio entries work. But the image on the frontpage seems to stuck “behind” the rest of the body (take a look: ), I would like the top image to display just as it would in a fullwidth template layout. I suspect a small modification of the template php could rectify this minor error, only I’m at a loss as for how to change it.

    Again I would be very grateful if you could help out!





    I think it has something to do with this #top .slideshow element. If you can change its width and height then fix the position, it will be ok. Something like this.

    #top .slideshow {
    height: 235px;
    width: 100%;




    Thank you for the pointer Ismael, it definitely seems to be the element I should put my focus on. Thank you both for helping me out.


    Hi mizzquizz,

    Glad we could help. :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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