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    I’m uncertain what you’re saying here, how would images show up with the right posts if they weren’t linked to that post in specific? Could you elaborate a little more please?


    Ok, I’ll try to explain it better:

    Normal WordPress behavior (twenty eleven theme installed for instance):

    – add new post > Title: ‘Sample Post’

    – add new image within post with the normal ‘Add a new image’ button > you get the media pop-up and can upload new images

    > these images will appear in the WordPress media-library (wp-admin/upload.php) and are connected to post ‘Sample Post’

    Shoutbox add featured Media behavior:

    – add new post > title: ‘Sample Post2’

    – click on ‘upload’ button in ‘Add featured media’ box > I get the media pop-up and can upload new images BUT this is the media library of a post that was created for the ‘avia_logo’, not the new post I am creating!

    The results are:

    1/ I can upload an image and when I click ‘Use image as featured Image’ the theme will create SOME custom link in the database (I guess) between the post and the selected image

    2/ the post will show the correct image or images on front-end (via this custom link)

    3/ BUT WordPress will have these images in the normal media library all linked to the post called ‘avia_logo’ and not the the post ‘Sample Post 2’

    I don’t know if this is expected behavior or a bug or an issue only on my site…

    The simple solution should be to make the ‘upload’ button open the pop-up for the currently edited or created post. That would be in line 31, but I don’t speak javascript so I’m in the dark here.

    Thank you for looking into this.


    Any thoughts on this, please?


    Sorry to keep bumping, but really need an answer on this one.


    Hey again,

    my apologies for the delay, your post must have slipped through. This is the normal behaviour. All the uploaded images will go in the media library and each image is linked to one or several posts as you choose. I don’t see how this could form a problem as the images are linked to any post you’d like if you choose “use as featured image” or “insert into post”.


    I can confirm this ‘problem’ as it’s happening on my site too. Every image is now attached to AVIA_LOGO instead of the post name (which is normal wordpress behaviour) Now this isn’t causing me any front end problems, but I’m wondering if I changed themes in the future will this cause a problem?


    Me too. I have a few posts attached to avia_logo also. Not sure why some do this and others don’t. Might be the upload method perhaps…


    Confirmed also with Corona theme + image title and alt tags are not displayed as filled, instead I just got image file name without extension, so for every single post I need to go to Media Library and manually add image Title and Alt tag.

    I think this should be fixed ASAP.



    as I stated in your other topic, VBM, I’ll ask Kriesi about this.


    Hi, same problem as VBM after playing around with portfolio items menu with coalition theme.

    First got that problem with coalition 1.1 after updating to 1.3.1 still the same problem.

    Browser was first firefox 6, then 8.01 same problem. Safari 5.1 same problem. Operating sys snow leopard. wp 3.2.1_de


    Anfangs ging alles noch problemlos, bis ich angefangen habe meine portfolio Seite mit immer mehr Inhalt (jpgs) zu füllen.

    Irgendwann gabs dann dieses Problem mit “featured media” wie schon paar mal beschrieben. Die Bilder werden hochgeladen, in der mediathek angezeigt aber wenn man die seite anschaut, dreht nur ein “ladekreisel” seine runden anstatt, dass die Bilder angezeigt werden, klickt man jedoch auf das Ladebild wird man auf das richtige Bild verlinkt (wird dann auch angezeigt)



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    Just tried under windows xp via bootcamp

    Firefox 8.01 and opera 11.52 same problem with loading symbols instead of content

    BUT IE 6 did it ! Updated to IE8 and it still works fine ..

    Back to OSX, Firefox 8.01, nope doesn’t work, safari 5.1 same problem

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    The Demo page works fine…. no ideas any more

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