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    As mentioned here, the problem is that after saving post as draft, the uploaded image file becomes to movie file, after I open it again with the Upload Button and include the File from the Media Library it’s working.

    I tried everything, reinstaling everything, different ‘newest’ browsers, permissions 777, disable/enable suExec, but it’s not working.

    The thing is that the users as authors should upload featured image and submit post for review, and I need featured image upload to work properly.

    I’m using Corona theme.



    In case you need it, I’ve created WP administrator account and sent you email with info.


    Finally I found out … when using HTTPS it’s not working, http is ok.

    Is that a problem with self signed certificate, wordpress 3.2.1 or corona featured media upload (ver. 1.2)? as I always use self-signed certificate for my other wp websites without any ‘media upload’ problems.



    I’ve a similar problem: When I try to add a “Featured Media” out of the NextGEN Gallery, the uploaded image file becomes to movie file. So it doesn’t work!!! Why??

    I’m really looking forward to your answer!





    sorry for the delayed response,

    Others have come across this issue too, as far as I know the only solution (for now) would be to upload a new image, it’s been reported to Kriesi.


    Hi Chris.

    First of all thanks for your response!!

    You definitely should work on that. One further question concerning the featured media: If I click “Upload” -> “from URL” – the image is not used:

    What’s teh problem here?


    I have recognized that under “Add featured media” in the CMS again the film reel (screenshot here: appeared.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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