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    Hi Support,

    Please visit this page for more information;

    when i go the portfolio page on my website & i click on an item. i then click on the slideshow of the images in order for it to appear in the floating window, to be viewed in full screen (automatic reduced sized images).

    the images are showing an extra image, for example if i have;
    10 images in the featured media section, it will state that there are 11 images e.g. 2/11 images displayed
    when i click on the right arrow to proceed to the next image when it gets to number 11 it then loads & displays
    “image cannot be loaded, make sure the path is correct & the image exist”

    it happens in safari, chrome & iOS devices,

    how can this be fixed?
    it is annoying



    Hi wongbrother!

    I was unable to reproduce the issue, i saw 10 images in display and 10 images on lightbox:



    HI Josue,

    does this mean i am imagining the error pop up message that appears on my screen?

    how can i submit pictures of what i am talking about?

    thanks for your reply & help…

    the problem is intermittent, i have tried this from several different IP’s & get different results from each, sometimes it works then the next portfolio item it doesn’t work….

    quite strange & frustrating too….

    i have noticed that when i log in with wp-admin it normally works fine, without problem, however when i try from another browser e.g. chrome then it doesn’t work….

    its strange that it only happens sometimes….

    a fix for this problem would be good, as this is a portfolio i use for prospective clients it needs to work 100% of the time

    thank you



    Upload it here: and post the link.

    If the issue is inconsistent it will be harder to debug, does it happen in a specific browser/OS? have you tried seeing it from another computer?

    Best regards,


    HI Josue,

    Here is the error message i keep getting, this is intermittent.
    error message

    so as a result this is definitely occurring, & i would like to rectify this
    error message enlarged

    i have had this happen in safari, chrome, & safari & chrome on iOS devices

    please let me know what action plan is being taken





    I see it now, can you create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply?


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